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Woody Harrelson: I don't trust myself in NY

Woody Harrelson might end up "drinking [himself] stupid" if left to his own devices.

The Hollywood star has a home in Hawaii but has been spending time in New York City of late. Although he loves the Big Apple, the 50-year-old could see himself going off the rails if he didn't stick to strict rules while there.

"Being in New York can certainly incline you a little bit more toward having a drink," he told WWD.

"I'm really doing more wholesome activities. I set them up so I'm not just left to my own devices, which might just be going out on the prowl in the Village, just looking for places to drink myself stupid - depending on what buddies I'm with."

Woody's parents Diane and Charles divorced when he was three. In 1979 his father was arrested for the contract killing of a federal judge and later died while incarcerated.

It had a profound impact on Woody, who is still angry about what happened to Charles.

"I definitely see how he got wronged by the government," he said. "I have no way of knowing what he did. I don't have any way of knowing. But I just see the way the whole trial was conducted. He got railroaded."

Woody struggled to choose a career when he was growing up and even considered being a preacher, before he questioned religion altogether. He worked as a cook and has recalled a brutal argument he was involved in on his last day as a chef.

"And so knowing that I'm gonna die, I figure: Oh well, let's take an eye on the way out. So I reach back and I shove my finger in his eye socket" he reminisced.

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