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Wright dislikes divas

Robin Wright has a deep dislike of arrogant men.

The 47-year-old actress divorced Sean Penn in 2010 and is now engaged to Ben Foster, who is 14 years her junior. The star has experienced many highs and lows during her life, which has made her realise the sort of people she likes to spend time with.

"I dislike arrogant men and diva behaviour in either gender," she told Us Weekly.

Robin is enjoying a career high at the moment thanks to her role as Claire in House of Cards, which is about a congressmen and his wife who want revenge on the people who have wronged them.

It's been a huge hit with critics, with Robin taking home the best TV actress prize at this year's Golden Globes. Shooting the series isn't entirely plane sailing though.

"On set, I have to will myself not to wipe everything off my face. I really loathe wearing heavy make-up," Robin explained.

"To prepare to play Claire on House of Cards, I just put on the Spanx and off we go!"

While her career might be going well at the moment, it hasn't always been that way. The actress didn't last long at her first job as she didn't understand the politics of the position.

"One of my first jobs was working in a clothing boutique. I got fired for telling the truth to a customer," she laughed.

Robin also revealed she is never without her cell phone during the interview and doesn't watch TV. She is also terrified of the idea of sky diving, but hopes to do it one day.

Robin's svelte figure is the result of regular yoga sessions and she also runs and uses weights. She isn't so stringent where her diet is concerned though and enjoys tucking into fast food from In-N-Out Burger whenever she can.

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