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Thursday 7 May 2015

X Factor wannabes at boot camp

Louis Walsh says the X Factor contestants have nowhere to hide at boot camp
Louis Walsh says the X Factor contestants have nowhere to hide at boot camp

Louis Walsh warns the X Factor contestants they have "nowhere to hide" as the wannabes are put through their paces at boot camp.

The final 200 contestants are challenged at the second stage of the competition under the watchful eyes of judges Louis, Simon Cowell and returning guest judge Nicole Scherzinger.

Louis warns them there is "nowhere to hide, the real competition starts now" as they are given voice training and choreography.

In Saturday night's programme, controversial contestant Chloe Mafia is shown arriving late after going out the night before.

After missing the first part of vocal practice, the 19-year-old reveals: "Like a stupid idiot I went out last night.

"I haven't even been to sleep yet. I just feel sick and can taste vodka in my mouth. I've got the same make-up on that I've had since yesterday morning. I just look disgusting."

Later she sings Wishing On A Star and admits to being nervous, saying: "I just don't feel ready to go into the biggest audition of my life."

At the end of the day half of the acts will be sent home, but up for grabs is a place in the next round and the chance to perform at the judges' houses. With so much at stake, most of the contestants get serious, with Cher Lloyd admitting: "I didn't know I wanted it this bad", while Marlon McKenzie vows that he is "going to fight tooth and nail for this".

They are split into their categories with the boys, the girls, the groups and the over-28s all given one song to perform, with Simon admitting it is a "brutal and effective way" of getting rid of the dead wood.

:: The X Factor is on at 7.30pm on ITV1 on Saturday.

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