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X-Men James McAvoy's onset mischief

James McAvoy has a "real strong bond" with his X-Men: Days of Future Past co-stars.

The Scottish actor returns as Professor Charles Xavier in action flick X-Men: Days of Future Past. The movie sees the cast from the original instalments combined with those from the last film X-Men: First Class.

On set James and his co-stars shared a lot of jokes and laughs.

"We had a lot of fun when we were filming. We've got a real strong bond, both of the groups do actually. Me, Michael [Fassbender], Nic [Hoult]... Jen Lawrence, Peter Dinklage, Josh Helman... There was a lot of farting about, you can see [it]," he laughed to Cover Media at the feature's UK premiere in London's Leicester Square. "But then, I don't know, that translates on the cameras [because] we're all tied so closely and the things we sacrifice for each other, that makes a good ensemble. These movies always pick up a good ensemble."

Hundreds of fans stood outside for the event in the capital last night, despite it raining heavily. James was stunned by the turn out and feels lucky to have such a huge support system for the Marvel Comics franchise.

"It's amazing, you know. We've got some of the most incredible fans dating back to the '60s that support these movies and support these stories," he added. "To be out here with them giving them another version of this is amazing - it's a real privilege to be taking part [and] taking care of a character they hold so dear."

In this movie the 35-year-old star comes face to face with Sir Patrick Stewart, who has helmed the same character for several instalments prior to the latest. Although he was anxious about portraying his alter ego in front of the original star, James didn't think too much into it.

"It's quite nerve-racking when you know you're going to be doing your character in the face of the character 40 years before you and doing it so well. At the end of the day... you have to go 'Alright, let's have it','" he mused. "He was just so generous and dead supportive and warm, as was Ian [McKellen], Hugh [Jackman], Ellen [Page], all the previous cast members. What's amazing about this film is that you've got two of the best casts working today in one movie and it's really fun."

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