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Yelle: Home is important

Yelle enjoys returning home after enduring a long stretch of "crazy experiences" on tour.

The French songstress, whose three-member band opened for the UK leg of Katy Perry's California Dreams concert series in 2011, has been performing worldwide for several years.

Yelle appreciates what she's learned from her adventures on the road, but the singer needs downtime every now and then to keep sane.

"Of course you know we've had some crazy experiences so it's changed my life for sure, but I realise I'm still living in Brittany in France, it's on the West Coast, in my little, little city," Yelle told Cover Media at this last weekend's BUKU Music + Art Project in New Orleans, Louisiana where she performed a DJ set.

"I have a really normal life and I like that a lot. It's really important for me to balance between my life at home and the life on tour, more crazy."

Yelle and her band members GrandMarnier and Tepr are celebrating the one-year anniversary of their hit album Safari Disco Club.

Since the record's release Yelle has spent many hours performing and she is eager to get back to recording.

"You know it's like Safari is out for 10 years. It's been a really long year because we've been on tour for one year and a half, and it was kind of intense," Yelle explained. "I don't know when we will have a new album or something, but yes we are working on new stuff."

Yelle released Safari Disco Club in March 2011 and is currently DJing at various international events.

Organic lifestyle company Broccoli City partnered up with Winter Circle Productions and others to throw the first ever BUKU Music + Arts Project this month.

The progressive music event headlined Grammy-winning musicians such as Skrillex and Wiz Khalifa as well as other emerging artists, bringing new sounds to the recovering, yet thriving scene of post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans.

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