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Zac Efron: Chris Hemsworth's God

Zac Efron was sure the MTV Movie Award for best shirtless actor would go to Chris Hemsworth.

The Bad Neighbours actor is known for his buff torso and picked up the best shirtless prize at this year's MTV Movie Awards. During his acceptance speech Rita Ora decided to step in and rip his top off, and Zac revealed how the moment came about.

"On Twitter I told my fans I was up against Chris Hemsworth and thought there was no way to beat him, he looks like God," the star laughed on Live with Kelly and Michael. "So I said if I win, I will accept it shirtless. Next thing I know, I'm winning it and I have to go through with it."

Despite considering giving his fans a treat, the 26-year-old claims he had no idea Rita would step in and do it for him. However, he's pleased that she did take the reins as he felt shy on stage.

"That was one of most awkward moments of my life. How do you accept an award like that? I'm just digging a hole here..." he grinned. "Rita Ora saved my life; she helped me get the hard part over with. She just ripped my shirt off..."

Many of Zac's fans were sure it was a publicity stunt, which the actor denies. He joked that he was working out right up until the last minute to make sure he looked his best.

"I was in the seat, just flexing. It's like pre-game, you get hyped up," he quipped.

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