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Zac Efron: Geek hustle’s not my style

Zac Efron claims he has always held “a unique spot” in his circle of friends.

The 27-year-old actor is currently promoting his new movie We Are Your Friends, in which he portrays aspiring DJ Cole Carter, who finds himself overtaken by the excitement and competition of the EDM world.

Growing up Zac wasn’t necessarily the cool guy, but he was also not completely dorky either.

“Amongst my group of friends, I was never the one out hustling or forcing us to go to the next party or hitting on girls aggressively. I also wasn’t a total geek,” he told USA Today. “I was somewhere in the middle. It was a unique spot.”

Zac admits as he grows older staying in touch with loved ones is becoming a major challenge.

He believes career commitments are slowly taking over.

"I found that as time goes on, I have less and less time that I’m not working. It’s really hard on friendships. I’m terrible at being on the phone,” Zac noted. “I sort of lose touch. It’s the hardest with my parents.”

If Zac was not a professional entertainer he’d probably be doing something way different with his life.

The star is a nature enthusiast and can picture himself getting dirty in the wilderness until the end of his days.

“I’d probably go and learn how to surf and chill in Hawaii for a little while,” Zac shared. “I would want to be doing something with the outdoors. I’m really drawn toward nature. If you’re talking about a job, maybe photography, maybe shoot for National Geographic. I know a little bit about photography and I love being in the wild.”

Zac stars in the film alongside Emily Ratajkowski, who plays the object of DJ Cole’s desire.

We Are Your Friends reaches American theatres this Friday August 28.

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