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Zac Efron has no time for dating

Zac Efron can't find the time for a girlfriend, and says the dating game can be difficult for guys to navigate.

The 26-year-old actor is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, and recent movies such as Bad Neighbours and That Awkward Moment see the actor stripping off and showing his toned torso.

But a heavy workload means Zac is yet to find The One.

"As actors we are constantly running around and having adventures - our job can involve a lot of different twists and turns that we don't always expect. And I don't want to go into a relationship in which I can't 100 per cent commit to that person all the time," he sighed to British newspaper Metro.

And it seems that his lady struggles are a case of life imitating art.

Despite being linked to a number of Hollywood beauties, including Lily Collins and Taylor Schilling, Zac can relate to his alter ego Jason in recent movie That Awkward Moment.

"I think this film is the first look into what it's like to be a guy dating at our age and what it is like to be out there. It can be difficult, especially in scenarios like in this movie, when you are young and single and figuring out your own life," he explained.

"We walk a fine line between being good, caring guys deep down, and then waking up the next day and feeling guilty about our commitment issues. At the same time we have to live our lives. That's why guys can relate to this movie."

As well as taking on the lead character in the comedy flick, Zac acted as executive producer. The hunk relished the role, and is happy to take some of the credit for the movie's success.

"This was my first movie as producer and it meant I was able to help facilitate who was in the film. I felt like I was a little bit instrumental in putting it together, so I took a lot of pride in how this film was made, from the ground up," he smiled.

"Movies are not just made by actors or directors or photographers. There's a whole crew and it's a massive undertaking."

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