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Zac Efron: Mom laughs at love scenes

Zac Efron was embarrassed when his mom and her friends went to a screening of one his films that involved sex scenes.

The Hollywood hunk is no stranger to romancing women on the big screen, but says it can get awkward when his mom Starla Baskett comes to screenings.

Speaking with British radio host Nick Grimshaw, Zac says both he and him mom found the experience embarrassing.

"Incredibly!" he cried when asked how uncomfortable it was to watch That Awkward Moment with his mom. "I had this love scene [in The Lucky One] with Taylor Schilling, it was all awkward but my mom and some of her friends were seated very close to the director and it went really quiet and I was like just going, 'Ah god, what is going on?!'

"But my mom being right next to the director goes, 'Oh god, that's my son' and all her friends start laughing and literally everyone erupted in laughter," he recalled.

While chatting live on air, Zac also played the role of agony uncle and had callers phoning in to ask his advice on love.

When one female listener wanted to know how to get a guy to stop calling her Zac laughed, "Can't you block calls? I can, I have to do it all the time."

A female fan of Zac's wanted to know how to get in touch with famous people.

"There are more and more ways... Now more than ever; the internet is providing a lot of ways where I have a lot more personal interaction. I know that I've had more great contact with my fans in the past couple of months than I ever have, and I'm very grateful for it. I'd say the future looks bright; I think she will get that shot. Tell her to tweet me!" he smiled.

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