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Zac Efron: My musical journey

Zac Efron loves the way musical technology enhances his listening experience.

The 27-year-old actor might have made his name in the film industry, but he also has a passion for music and flexed his vocal cords as the lead Troy Bolton in teen movie High School Musical.

Back in the day he didn't have much control over what he listened to, which means he developed some unusual tastes.

"My mother was a bit of a hippy and was always listening to Bob Dylan and the Beach Boys at home," he revealed to German magazine Neon. "But the radio in my parents' car was broken, so we listened to Michael Jackson's greatest hits on every journey. When I was eight, I thought he was the best person ever."

Clearly still influenced by the King of Pop and a recent video even shows Zac effortlessly practising the famous moonwalk dance move.

These days Zac has complete control over his life's soundtrack. Thanks to the rise of musical technology, he can suss out what he likes and create playlists.

"When I was on a filming break in my hotel room the other day, I caught a bit of Jimmy Fallon's show and was introduced to London-based electro-pop band Years & Years," he recalled. "Thanks to Shazam I found out their name straight away and listened to their song all day on Spotify. I think the boys will be massive."

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