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Zach Braff has sugar daddy

Zach Braff found a rich investor to help him make Garden State, but relied on crowd funding for his latest movie.

The actor rose to predominance as loveable John 'J.D.' Dorian in hit medical show Scrubs, but has gone on to win praise for his movie work too.

As well as starring in big screen pictures, Zach has helmed projects. The first film he directed, Garden State, won him numerous accolades and established the star as a serious moviemaker.

"Garden State worked so well. It was my first film but everyone in Hollywood passed on it. No one wanted to make it. I finally found this rich sugar daddy who bet on me and we made it and it was a ginormous hit," Zach laughed to

"I thought, well, you've got to go with your gut even when everyone else says no. That was a giant lesson."

Zach is back behind the camera with Wish I Was Here, a story about a 35-year-old man who finds himself at major crossroads, which forces him to examine his life, his career, and his family.

Zach, 39, plays the central role of Aidan, and admits he turned to fans to help him get the project off the ground.

"When this [movie] happened and I couldn't find a sugar daddy, obviously I invested my own money into it, but that wasn't enough to pay for the whole movie. Then this innovation happened, the idea of crowdfunding," he explained.

Having the film funded by the public meant the key decisions could be made by Zach and his team, and not shareholders.

"That's not art to me. So, that's why I rolled the dice and tried this experiment and if it didn't work, I thought it [would] be humbling. I can handle that. But I didn't know it would happen in 48 hours and that we'd have the response that we had. It's been thrilling," Zach smiled.

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