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Zach Braff: I look out for fake daughter

Zach Braff can't help but feel "so parental" towards his co-star Joey King.

The 39-year-old actor is back behind the camera with his latest movie Wish I Was Here, in which he also stars as Aidan Bloom, a struggling actor and family man trying to find his purpose in life.

Playing his daughter Grace in the movie is Joey King, who Zach previously worked alongside for Oz the Great and Powerful. While he may not be a dad in real-life the star couldn't help but feel protective over the budding actress.

"Oh yeah because Joey is a full on teenager, like flirting with boys now and I'm very uncomfortable with it. I feel so parental about her, especially since we shot the movie a year ago and she's at that age where it's happening like crazy," Zach smiled to Cover Media on whether his fatherly instincts continued off set. "She's [15] and like, wearing little outfits and flirting and I feel all these parental instincts to put a cape around her."

Taking on the role of his onscreen wife Sarah is blonde beauty Kate Hudson. Zach took great delight in starring opposite the 35-year-old and praised her professional approach during production.

He was even more delighted when she agreed to sign on as Wish I Was Here was made thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, from which fans raised over $3 million towards the venture.

"Just great, she's just so cool and humble and a wonderful actress and, you know, just really great... She knew what the film was, she knew that we were making this [with] a very little amount of money, we're making this for the fans," he explained. "It was literally paid for through crowd funding and my own money. There's zero room for diva activity and she couldn't be less like that. She's just cool and fun and did an extraordinary job."

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