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Zach Braff: Ladies demand more romance

Zach Braff likes to wear his heart on his sleeve.

The former Scrubs actor has turned his hand to writing and directing with movies Garden State and Wish I Was Here - both of which he also starred in.

He's currently single, and the 39-year-old worries it's because he doesn't always live up to his onscreen personas.

"I am [romantic], although I have been criticised by exes for being more romantic in my movies than I am in real life," he laughed to the latest edition of British Cosmopolitan magazine.

"That might be unfair, because I write really romantic guys - I can't live up to that!

"I'm very sensitive; I wear my heart on my sleeve. In my experience, women really like it when a man shows emotion. It's OK for women to cry but men hide it, they will covertly swipe away a tear. They don't hug each other properly, they have to pat each other on the back. There are ideas in society that people cling to about masculinity."

And proving his point, the star revealed the last thing that made him cry. Rather than manning up in tough situations, even show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition can set him off.

"I can’t watch it anymore because it’s so frigging manipulative. Not only are you really crying at the end but you’re making audible noises – ugly crying," he laughed.

"My girlfriend at the time thought it was so sweet that I was showing genuine human empathy.”

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