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Zach Braff’s bizarre fan encounters

Zach Braff thinks it's "bizarre" someone wanted his signature tattooed on them.

The 39-year-old actor became a household name after playing Dr. John 'J.D.' Dorian on sitcom Scrubs, and has since gone on to star in Hollywood features such as The Last Kiss and Oz the Great and Powerful.

With his fame come hoards of followers; some of which have surprised Zach with their devotion towards him.

"Signing someone's skin, who said they were gonna have it tattooed. That's bizarre," he told Cover Media when asked what his strangest fan encounter was.

"Some girl in the States came to a screening and pulled up the side of her shirt and she had a quote from one of my films tattooed [on] the whole side of her body. That was pretty trippy."

Zach has also become a respected director, and is currently promoting his second movie Wish I Was Here, which he also stars in. His feature was brought to the silver screen by a Kickstarter campaign, which saw fans raised over $3 million.

Zach is able to interact with those who support his work on Twitter, and the star is overwhelmed by the doors it opens.

"I think that social media is wonderful in that you can just talk directly to your fan base. That's revolutionary for someone who does what I do. ‘Cause my fans can be in London, or they can be in Perth, or they can be in Seattle, or they can be in Antarctica," he gushed.

"I can find them and talk directly to them. And that was never the case before social media, ever. You had to send out these blanket advertisements and hope that people across the earth could find you, whereas now you can reach directly to whomever is into what you're doing and speak directly to them. That's wonderful for people who create projects that aren't necessarily for the masses."

While Zach is enjoying the height of his fame, the cheeky actor wouldn't mind having a day in the life of someone else if given the chance.

"Kate Upton and I would look in the mirror naked," he joked. "Just Kidding."

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