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Zach Galifianakis: I want cut from lookalikes

Zach Galifianakis has teased he needs to start making a profit out of the lookalikes who line the tourist-laden Las Vegas strip.

The comedy actor stars in The Hangover Part III alongside Ed Helms and Bradley Cooper.

The concluding instalment returned to the original Las Vegas set to shoot, where many lookalikes of Zach's character Alan line the tourist-laden strip.

After spotting one of his doppelgänger's while filming, Zach joked he should be making a profit from him.

“That guy makes $600 an hour,” he teased to Shortlist magazine, who joined the stars on location. “I’ve actually met him and he’s very nice. Quieter than you’d imagine. Maybe I should go and heckle him. Or at least ask for my cut.”

The second instalment of the popular comedy movies was set against a Thailand backdrop, but was brought back to Sin City for the third and final film.

Zach is glad the team are back on familiar soil.

“[The Hangover] is definitely in the fabric of this city,” he deadpanned. “You can really feel it when you’re walking around while drunks yell at you.”

Director Todd Phillips and hunky star Brad revealed they were thrilled the cast and crew returned to Vegas. They explained the city's copious amount of entertainment worked in the production's favour.

“I’ve got to say, if you ever want to make a movie, make it in Vegas, because people don’t care here. We were filming in Arizona, on the border of Mexico, and the amount of people there watching was crazy," Brad laughed.

“Compared to New York or even Bangkok, it’s kind of easy to fly under the radar,” Todd added. “[They’ve treated] The Hangover III differently to The Hangover. They roll out the red carpet in Vegas now.”

Fans can expect many more laughs from 'The Wolfpack' in the third movie. A clip in the trailer shows Alan accidently decapitating a giraffe on the freeway, which Ed says wasn't a deliberate attempt to offend animal lovers.

“It’s just completely f**ked up in the best way,” he said.

“But I want to be clear that it was not a real giraffe. I’m generally opposed to the beheading of real giraffes. But CGI ones? Those guys are a**holes.”

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