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Zachary Quinto's warlock woes

Zachary Quinto wishes he'd never appeared in fantasy TV show Charmed.

The actor has some impressive films and shows on his resume, including Star Trek Into Darkness, where he played Spock.

If he could erase one part from his CV, the 36-year-old would like to get rid of his turn in Charmed, which ended in 2006 and starred Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs.

"It would be a television show I did in the early 2000s called Charmed," he cringed to Empire.

"Had I known that later in my career I would be playing an evil character like I did on Heroes, one with actual depth and complexity, I would not have done a one-off guest star role as a warlock who was attacked by cats."

The actor is now a star in his own right and is friends with A-listers such as Simon Pegg and Alice Eve.

He can still remember his first encounter with a celebrity and being utterly awestruck.

"Right when I got out of high school, I was living in Los Angeles and I was working in a diner," he recalled.

"I remember the first time Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers came in - it was an artsy part of town. It was the first interaction I had with a celebrity, and as a huge fan it was a seminal freak-out moment for me."

Zachary answered a selection of random questions during the interview, such as the cost of a pint of milk - which he guessed wrong at £1.70. In actual fact it's 59p.

He also revealed his favourite animal is a mutt because they show "universal dog love".

Another question caused him to think what he would do if he woke up as Die Hard star Bruce Willis.

"I'd think of a place, and then buy a house there," he mused.

"I would spend my first day as Bruce Willis calling up realtors and making appointments. Truly."

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