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Zeta-Jones comments on ‘quick fix’ culture

Catherine Zeta-Jones believes that modern society has become a “quick fix” culture.

The 43-year-old Welsh actress is currently married to Michael Douglas.

Catherine has publicly battled with bipolar disorder and Michael is a throat cancer survivor.

Although she revealed to British newspaper The Sun that she is happy “people are starting to talk more about” health issues, Catherine isn’t so sure about the use of prescriptions to “cure” these maladies.

“I think culturally we are all victims of the need for a quick fix, whether it’s texting or you need something quick — you want a movie, you press the button and it’s on,” she told the publication.

“So culturally, we want everything instantaneously, and when it comes to prescription medicine it’s the same thing.

“If there is something you can take that makes all this go away, people think, ‘I’ll try it’.

“And if that doesn’t work, you see a commercial on TV and you go, ‘Oh, I’ll try that. That looks like a good one’.

“So I think it has become accumulative.”

Ultimately Catherine believes discussion is healing.

She promotes this type of candid conversation in her native country.

“Just from the experiences that I have seen and been part of, there has been this British, ‘stiff upper lip’ towards psychotherapy and depression that basically meant your emotions were quashed,” she explained.

“That British stiff upper lip, that ‘don’t put out your dirty laundry’, that ‘who cares about how you feel?’ sort of thing.

“ ‘You’re sad? Well, buck up. You’ll be fine tomorrow.’ But now it is starting to come out much more in the open and people are starting to talk more about it, on television, about issues.”

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