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Zoë Kravitz: I scare men

Zoë Kravitz lists musical tastes as one of the most important factors when dating.

The stunning star, who sings in band Lolawolf as well as acting, has showed off her killer body for the latest edition of GQ America.

Posing in a leather bikini and fur stole, reminiscent of a primal cavewoman look, in a behind the scenes video Zoe divulges what she does and doesn't like in the opposite sex.

"Men don't talk to me, ever. I think I'm intimidating... I think I say that to make myself feel better. Or I smell funny," she smiled.

"Musical taste is so important. If you're passionate about something you want someone else to be able to, like, get that thing. If a guy puts on D'Angelo though, I'm like he's a sucker.

"I like bad pickup lines. If a guy comes up to me and was like, 'Did it hurt? Falling?' I would appreciate the ballsiness of it."

For the accompanying magazine spread Zoë spoke about what it means to be a Hollywood star in this day and age.

Her father is rocker Lenny, so a career in showbiz was an obvious choice for the 26-year-old, and with starring parts in new movie Mad Max: Fury Road and the Divergent franchise things couldn't be going better for her.

However, having a successful music career means she stands out from other actresses.

"It's interesting that we've come to a place where people are expected to just do one thing.

"You used to have to be a triple threat to make it in Hollywood. Think about Gene Kelly and everyone. You used to have to sing, you used to have to dance. You were an entertainer," she mused.

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