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Zoe Kazan turns rejection around

Zoe Kazan chose to write instead of feeling down when she didn't win a part.

The American actress is about to hit the big time in new movie What If alongside Daniel Radcliffe, but has experienced a lot of rejection throughout her career.

Instead of feeling sorry for herself, Zoe took to writing in a bid to combat low self-esteem.

"My parents told me, 'There's no way you're going to act as a teenager', so I was pushed to go to university.

"I remember points where a casting director would think I was pretty or not, or good or not, and that would define how I felt about myself that day. Writing gave me sense of accomplishment that had nothing to do with what someone else thought if me. It helped me survive," Zoe divulged to British magazine Grazia.

While 30-year-old Zoe has been working as an actress since 2003, it wasn't until her role in 2012 indie drama Ruby Sparks that she caught people's eyes.

Her turn as quirky Chantry in What If further cements her place as lead actress, but Zoe confesses there have been times when the rejection was hard to deal with.

"I was 22 living in New York. I thought, 'Ok, I can spend my time drinking and going to clubs or do something serious with my life', so I wrote a play and it ended up being produced and I kept writing," she added.

As well as a having a CV that boasts writer, actress and producer, Zoe has become a fashion icon - even if she can't believe she has the title.

"No way," she laughed. "That's really sweet and funny. I love clothes, especially those with history, whether they're hand-me-downs from friends or from thrift stores. Most of the time, I just dress myself."

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