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Zoe Saldana: I'm a party pooper

Zoe Saldana thinks it’s a “good thing” that she never gets to attend wrap parties.

The pregnant actress has been promoting her new movie Guardians of the Galaxy of late. She portrays Gamora in the sci-fi movie, which also stars Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel. Once the shoot had wrapped the cast celebrated with a big bash, although Zoe had to skip to.

“I missed the wrap party, I always miss the wrap party! I always have to leave the day of the wrap party,” she told Cover Media. “And then I hear the stories, but I guess it’s a good thing that I’m not at the wrap party because I tend to wrap the party too.”

After appearing blue as Neytiri in Avatar, Zoe had to go green to portray Gamora. The character is based on one who appears in the Marvel comics and the actress was determined to do her justice. She wanted Gamora to be sexy and appeal to the fans of the comics, so went to great lengths to get the look just right.

“Let me tell you something, when you think of things that are sexy, they’re usually pink, or black, or white, or red, and we don’t even like vegetables, half of us don’t even eat vegetables, and they’re green so we started out in a really tough position,” she laughed.

“You should have been in the wardrobe room when I was there, when I was having a fitting. I was like, ‘No Alice, can you just pad them up more, just make them like, there [puts hands in front of chest] like, here. And the ass, get that wedgie just perfect.’ I was really concerned because I thought, if my character has to bring all of the fanboys - we like things that are aesthetically appealing, especially when that comes in the form of a woman. Green are Martians, swamp things are green, boogers are green!”

Zoe’s co-star Dave Bautista appears as Drax in the release and spent hours in the make-up chair having tattoos drawn on him. He got on well with the artists involved though, so likened the experience to spending time hanging out with friends. However, after being drawn on for several days in a row his skin would get raw, with Dave asking Zoe if she used to find colour up her nose like he did.

“For a month!” she giggled.

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