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Zoe Saldana: Women are naughty

Zoe Saldana says women have "very, very filthy" minds but they are just not as vocal about their thoughts as men.

The actress joked that the difference between males and females is that men are more vocal about their naughty thoughts.

The 34-year-old also weighed in on Hollywood's obsession with youth, claiming many movie storylines are totally unbelievable.

"Women are too nice to say anything. In our minds, we're running with it. We're very, very filthy too," she joked to the UK edition of InStyle magazine.

"I’m tired of watching these 50-year-old actors with these 23-year-old actresses and they’re soul mates in the movie. What? [In real life] a 23-year-old would look at a 50-year-old and go, 'Are you kidding me?!' We love plump muscles as much as they do. A 23-year-old boy? [makes an orgasmic noise]"

The outspoken actress isn't afraid to reveal her feelings about the opposite sex. Zoe joked her ideal man would be a sensitive yet macho kind of guy.

"'I worship men. Men are Adonises," Zoe continued, before revealing what she looks for in a guy. "A badass renegade! A pirate! A pirate who can cry. Oh my god!"

Zoe dated Bradley Cooper for several months in 2012. They had an on/off relationship but reportedly ended it for good in December. Neither of them have confirmed or denied anything, and Zoe prefers to keep her personal life private.

"It's physically hard and it's so unnatural for me to talk about certain intimate and private areas of my life, that I'm incapable, naturally incapable of saying anything remotely relating to this topic..." she squirmed. "Literally, I'm sweating."

Zoe's rumoured courtship with Bradley was surrounded by controversy as she was linked to him immediately after splitting from her long term partner. Zoe was involved with entrepreneur Keith Britton for 11 years before they split, but the experience hasn't made her bitter about finding love in the future.

"I believes in [happy ever after] very, very firmly and when it didn’t work [with Britton] it was heartbreaking for the both of us, but it’s life," she said.

"I believe in love because I had it for so long, so I know it’s possible. I’m not one of these people who’s going, 'Oh, because I was with someone for so long I need to take a break.' What if love is just around the corner?"

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