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Zooey Deschanel: I hate chores

Zooey Deschanel is a great roommate - apart from when it comes to chores.

The actress plays a lovesick woman called Jess who moves in with three guys in her TV show New Girl.

She's discussed what she is like to live with, and insists she is pretty easy-going.

"I think I'm fun. I'm pretty much always cheerful, even early in the morning. I go on tour with my band [She & Him] and there's, like, 12 people on one bus. I'm not a chaotic person, but cheerful, I think. I might slack off on doing dishes," she laughed.

Zooey is involved in every aspect of New Girl and even worked on its theme tune. She is proud of it and enjoys having different creative avenues.

"I wrote the music and the writers wrote the lyrics, it was really fun," she told Look magazine. "In the show Jess isn't a good singer. She's just a person that if something comes out in song, it's sort of expressing her awkwardness."

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