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Zooey Deschanel shy around boys

Zooey Deschanel was "really shy" as a teenager.

The quirky actress didn't have a boyfriend until she was in her late teens, partly because she didn't know how to approach the opposite sex.

The brunette beauty jokingly blamed lazy Californian boys and her love of the theatre for the lack of romance in her adolescent years.

"I had my first boyfriend when I was 19. Before that, my life was all about theatre. The fact that I was really shy didn't help either. The boys in California are not the most proactive ones. They'd rather wait to be approached by a girl than make the first move - and I was never good at that [laughs]," she told German magazine Joy.

Zooey inherited her love of entertaining from her parents. The New Girl star wanted to become an actress from a young age but her family made her wait until she was older.

"My parents are both in the film business - my dad is a cameraman and my mom is an actress. I wanted to be an actress when I was still a child, but my parents thought it was too early," she said. "So they sent me off to singing and acting lessons when I was at school. I also performed in my school's musicals and theatre plays. At 17, I got a contract at an agency."

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