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Zosia Mamet: Girls fans are wild

Zosia Mamet has to listen to fans intimate sex stories.

The 25-year-old actress plays Shoshanna Shapiro in the hit TV series, which often features content of a sexual nature.

Girls has been a huge success and fans credit the real-life nature of the show for its enduring popularity. But Zosia admits that people confuse the main stars with their characters, and she often has to listen to people's sex stories as they feel like they already know her.

"They feel like they can tell us anything. I've had people say crazy sh*t to me. Like, I had a girl come up to me and thank me, because she said she and her boyfriend have sex after they watch the show, and then she told me she was worried about what would happen to their sex lives when the show goes off the air," Zosia laughed to British newspaper The Guardian.

The third season of Girls is hitting screens at the moment and the cast assure fans that they'll be more sex scenes and more awkwardness from the lead characters.

Zosia's onscreen alter ego Shoshanna lost her virginity in the first series of the show, that follows the lives of four twenty-something women in New York City.

Written by Lena Dunham, who also stars as lead character Hannah, the cast have absolute faith in her abilities to demonstrate what life is really like for young women.

"Lena really doesn't ever write a sex scene or nudity that doesn't have a point in the story - we're never going to have a sex scene that's arbitrary. So we really trust her and will pretty much do anything she asks," Zosia notes to

Allison Williams, who plays uptight Marnie, agrees and thinks Lena is trying "to normalise sex for other people".

"She wants people to see the sex on our show and be like, 'Oh my god, other people have that sex?' And that can be why it can be so uncomfortable to watch the show with other people, because you kind of have to dip your toe in and be like, 'Has anyone else..?' And then it's a unanimous, 'Yes,' and you're like, 'Oh phew! OK, I'm not the only one here!'" Allison laughed.

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