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Saturday 19 April 2014

Images link the street to the gallery

Prize-winners in the Texaco Children’s Art Competition wil be on show at the Waterfront Hall

Once again it will soon be around to the Belfast Festival at Queen’s so, since the programme is out, it seems appropriate to have a look at some of the exhibitions that sound interesting.

Opening on September 20 and therefore the earliest to start is ‘A Shout in the Street: Collective Histories of Northern Ireland’, in the Golden Thread Gallery (ie the old Switch Room in Great Patrick Street).

Listed as an exhibition “which links the imagery of ‘the street' to the imagery of ‘the gallery',” it promises contemporary and historical paintings, sculpture and lens-based media, together with a bonfire stack and broadcast film, all based around the Northern Ireland context.

On October 7 the Ormeau Baths Gallery will open ‘Wonderland: the start of something remarkable', which is an art and science collaboration from a team that has worked together since 2005. Their visualizations are created to make visitors think about the sort of environmental problems which are common to us all. Five dresses will ‘dissolve' during the exhibition, bottles will become flowers and there will be an education programme and films to show how the textiles were developed.

The show in the Naughton Gallery sounds interesting, well actually there are two: one in association with the Royal Mail —opening on October 16 — and another in partnership with the Equality Commission, opening on October 28, so both only last a short time.

The first will be a secret sale of anonymous artworks which sounds exciting. The idea is that you could acquire an original artwork by perhaps a famous artist or an emerging talent for £50 — it's just the luck of the draw, so to speak. The sale will begin at 5pm on October 24.

The second show is billed as a ground-breaking one aimed at “bringing community groups together with professional artists to create their own unique alphabet”.

That's just a taste of the first few shows to open. Over subsequent dates there will be Pauline Bewick in the Mullan Gallery, Dara McGrath ‘Deconstructing the Maze’ in the former kitchen building of the Maze prison, and the always wonderful Texaco Children's Art Competition showing 161 prize-winning works in the Waterfront Hall.

All of that is just a taste of what is to come and there's plenty more so pick up a programme or visit www.belfast

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