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Thursday 24 April 2014

Kaleidoscope: See city in a whole different light

Kevin Doonan from New Lodge Arts in Prime Cut's Community Engagement Production Kaleidoscope
Kevin Doonan from New Lodge Arts in Prime Cut's Community Engagement Production Kaleidoscope

It starts with an e-mail containing a map, an mp3 download and a set of instructions, and ends with a wish. In between is – well, Belfast.

Kabosh's site-specific piece of theatre invites participants to look at their city with fresh eyes and experience a kaleidoscope of sounds and emotions in an uplifting and moving show.

For one night only, director Louise Lowe and visual artist Will St Leger turned the streets around city hall into a canvas.

A voice in our headphones guides us through the evening.

We hear about the lives of others – a girl who once walked through town clutching a red balloon; a drunken woman with red legs who croons Downtown; the night David Holmes put Belfast on the map.

There's a hint of self-help manual about some of the audio, but for the most part Kabosh has done a tremendous task in collating individual experiences.

We pause in a doorway and watch Chinese lanterns flare across the night sky.

A girl with a red balloon passes us, holding her mother's hand.

A drunken woman sits and croons Downtown. We're all in it together, right here, right now.

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