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Thursday 24 April 2014

Visual Art 5/2/10

If I’m ever looking for a special present my first port of call is generally Spacecraft at 9b at the Fountain Centre on Belfast’s College Street, where there will always be a great and varied selection of beautiful objects, some practical, some just lovely to look at.

At the moment the Christmas show is still on in the gallery space but this week saw the launch of a new exhibition, Creativity Works, which runs until February 18.

Springing from the Creativity Thirst programme run by the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA), it brings together a diverse group of artists and designers working in a wide range of disciplines, including ceramics, textiles, glass and animation. The programme is designed for talented people seeking to set up their own business within the creative industries and offers a variety of training, information and support. This particular group is the 2009 class, who have decided to stay in touch and seek opportunities to show their work.

There are nine artists involved including Alison Lowry, Pauline Matthew and, a favourite of mine, the very quirky Sue Cathcart (whose work is pictured).

Also coming up in the gallery in March is the Craft and Design Collective’s Annual Exhibition which, this year, has been designed to celebrate the recent reopening of the Ulster Museum.

Finally, I wonder if the term ‘artobiography’ is familiar? Apparently it’s “a quintessentially Irish art form devoted to storytelling allowing people to tell their unique story on canvas”. Produced by Keith Doury, the artworks translates stories onto canvas. Check it out on .

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