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Fashion Spy Summer 2013 - on the streets of Northern Ireland

Published 30/07/2013

Sarah Boomer (27) Account manager, Belfast. Wore what? T-shirt, £14, jeans, £40, both Zara; pumps, £30, Next; bag, £900, Gucci.
Why? I mix and match clothes but I wear a lot of Zara. I shop on the high street but like to splash out on bags and shoes.
Who? Blake Lively has a relaxed style and always looks stunning. I think Lady Gaga is just too out there.
Sarah Boomer (27) Account manager, Belfast. Wore what? T-shirt, £14, jeans, £40, both Zara; pumps, £30, Next; bag, £900, Gucci. Why? I mix and match clothes but I wear a lot of Zara. I shop on the high street but like to splash out on bags and shoes. Who? Blake Lively has a relaxed style and always looks stunning. I think Lady Gaga is just too out there.
Hannah Murray (18) Student, Lisburn. Wore what? Dress, £30, Dorothy Perkins; bag, £10, Next; shoes, £20, House of Fraser. Why? I like bright colours and follow trends to an extent. Shoes are my favourite things. I don't like revealing clothes such as crop tops. Who? Emeli Sande looks great. She has a laid back style with an edge. Nicki Minaj is just too much.
Laura Evans (18) Student, Jordanstown. Wore what? Jacket, £30, Brushka; sandals, £20, vest, £4 and jeans, £28, all New Look. Why? My style is classic but with bright colours. I like teaming blazers with jeans, but I hate hotpants, especially when they don't fit! Who? Cheryl Cole always looks gorgeous and well presented. I've never been keen on Madonna, she doesn't dress for her age.
Kerry Porter (19) Student, Markethill Wore what? Jacket, £50, shorts, £30, bag, present, sandals, £30 all Topshop; top, £10, River Island. Why? I'm not a girly girl and have a bit of a Bohemian style. I've never liked knee-high boots, they're not to my taste. Who? Sienna Miller has a great boho look but Amy Childs wears too much make-up. Monthly spend £100
Julieann McAllister (35) - Radiographer's assistant, Ballymena Radiographer's assistant, Ballymena Wore what? Dress, £25, Peacocks; boots, £60, TK Maxx; bag, £100, Ted Baker. Why? I like wearing black at the moment to show off my tan. My style tends to be vintage but smart. I don't like tracksuits at all, they shouldn't be worn out and about. Who? Victoria Beckham looks brilliant morning, noon and night but I've never liked Jessie J's style. Monthly spend £150-200
Siobhan Cummins (21) Retail assistant, Belfast Wore what? Dress, £45, Topshop; necklace, £16, boots, £75, both from River Island. Why? I like wearing dresses to work but normally I'll go for shirts and skinny jeans. Who? I love Cheryl Cole's style as she always looks glamorous but I think Tulisa never gets it right. Monthly spend £300
Karen Gibson (22) Retail assistant, Dromore Wore what? Dress, £28, jacket, £30, boots, £50, all Topshop; hat, £20, Urban Outfitters. Why? I tend to wear dresses and I love accessories like hats. My style is a little different. I don't like slouchy clothes. Who? Fearne Cotton has a lovely style. I don't like how Katy Perry dresses, she shows too much. Monthly spend £200
Emma Ferris (20) Mum, Belfast Wore what? Jacket, £15, H&M; top, £17, jeans, £35, Topshop; bag, £10, shoes, £10, Primark. Why? I tend to throw things together but I do like to have a feminine look. I hate those stripy, Beetlejuice-style leggings that people wear. Who? Alexa Chung has a nice style as she's a little bit different. Katie Price just looks cheap. Monthly spend £50
Therese Hill (22) Care Student, Belfast Wore what? Jacket, £25, top, £10, both from Primark; bag, present, Next; disco pants, £12, River Island. Why? My style is mostly casual but I do like to add a bit of glam to whatever I'm wearing. I really don't like seeing black and navy worn together as they clash. Who? I love Victoria Beckham's style. It's the way I would like to dress if I had the money. I think Paloma Faith's style is too out there. Monthly spend £50-100
Siobhan McGuern (32) Civil servant, Belfast Wore what? Jacket, £60, top, £35, both from Zara; shirt, £15, H&M; jeans, £30, Topshop; bag, £32, boutique in Cushendall; boots, £50, New Look. Why? My style is comfortable and preppy and I do like a bit of colour thrown in. I don't like Ugg boots as they're too clumpy. Who? Kate Moss has a lovely, comfy style but I don't like Rihanna. She looks very cheap for someone who has so much money. Monthly spend £200-300
Rebecca Richens (19) Beautician, Belfast Wore what? Jacket, £20, bag, £20, shoes, £25, all from New Look; top, £4, Primark; jeans, £90, Guess. Why? My style is quite dressy and I like bright colours. Coloured Ugg boots though make me cringe as they look cheap. Who? Holly Willoughby looks great in her bright colours but Lady GaGa is far too outrageous for me. Monthly spend £200
Meahbh McVicker (18) Retail assistant, Belfast Wore what? Jacket, £25, Topshop; top, £15, vintage store; skirt, £30, River Island; boots, £35, Why? I like to be a little bit glam and I tend to wear lots of black. I think it looks terrible when girls wear see-through leggings as trousers. Who? Carla Delevinge has a really cool style that’s all her own. Tulisa, though, just gets it wrong. Monthly spend £70
Leanna Kane (19) Student, Lurgan Wore what? Jacket, £40, New Look; T-shirt, £30, Topshop; jeans, £11, Primark; boots, £40, bag, £30, both River Island. Why? I do follow fashion but most of the time I wear leggings or jeggings with long T-shirts or tunics. I don’t like purple velour tracksuits as they just don’t look nice. Who? Victoria Beckham looks really nice and well turned out. I never liked Amy Winehouse’s style. Monthly spend £200
Heather McKay (18) Student, Larne Wore what? Top, £10, jacket, £40, both from New Look; skirt, £11, and boots, £90, both from DV8; bag, present. Why? I don’t tend to follow trends. I just see something I like and wear it. I don’t like it when girls wear clothes that are too short or revealing. Who?: I like Rita Ora’s style as she has a bit of an edge. I’ve never liked Cheryl Cole’s style because she dresses like everyone else. Monthly spend £60
Vicky Campbell (21), Care worker, Banbridge Wore what? Jacket, £30, DV8; skirt, £18, jeans, £20, both from New Look; shoes, £15, Primark; bag, £35, River Island. Why? I think my style is casual chic. I go for jeans and blazers all the time. I don’t like anything too dark or gothic. Who? I think that Michelle Keegan looks really trendy but I don’t like Jessie J as she’s too gothic for me. Monthly spend £200
Georgia Heaven (23) Retail assistant, Belfast Wore what? Top, £20, Papaya; jeans, £16, Select; wellies, £25, Joules; bag, present, River Island. Why? I like to wear bright colours and take risks. I don't follow fashion and I'm not scared to wear something that other people won't. I've always thought Uggs really unflattering, though. Who? Blake Lively has a really nice style — she always looks structured and polished. I think anyone who appears on The Only Way Is Essex is overdone. Monthly spend £100
Anna Balfour (28) Advertising account manager, Holywood Wore what? Jacket, £150, Reiss; top, £15, jeans, £40, both from Topshop; pumps, £120, LK |Bennett; Mulberry bag, present Why? I tend to go for investment pieces in shops or bags, then disposable things like tops. Who? Rachel Bilson has a nice look which is quite dressed down. Jessie J has a strange style, though — it's too random. Monthly spend £150-200
Sarah Lauder (30) Interior designer, Belfast Wore what? Jacket, £6, boutique in Germany; scarf, £10, Topshop; dress, £25, Zara; bag, Mulberry from Kuala Lumpur, £80; boots, £70, New Look. Why? I'm quite selective in my style but I do tend to go with the seasons and follow trends. I really don't like it when girls wear strapless dresses with ill-fitting bras. It's not a good look. Who? Cheryl Cole looks effortlessly cool, but |Britney Spears takes chavvy to a different level. Monthly spend £50
Roz Kennedy (29) Project manager, Belfast Wore what? Dress, £16, TK Maxx; cardigan, present, New Look; bag, £20, London; boots, £60, Zara. Why? I like to be girly and wear springtime colours. I tend to go for boots and flats instead of heels unless I'm heading for a big night out. I don't like shell suits. Who? Alexa Chung is nicely sophisticated. Monthly spend £50
Laurina Kennedy (24) Fashion PA, Belfast Wore what? Jumper, £25, Benetton; jeans, £20, Zara; boots, £25, River Island; Mulberry bag, present. Why? I would call my style casual chic. I don't wear a lot of patterns, though and go for bold colours. Patterns just don't suit me. Who? I love Ashley Madekwe from Revenge's style. She wears chic little dresses that really work. Someone like Jordan is way over the top. Monthly spend £0
Melissa Magee (23) Marketing manager, Belfast Wore what? Top, £10, Miss Selfridge; jacket, £40, Zara; trousers, £45, River Island; bag, £4, Boots; shoes, £15, New Look. Why? I have a sophisticated look and wear a lot of dresses. I tend to go for block colour rather than patterns. Who? Kim Kardashian looks great as she always dresses for her shape, but Lindsay Lohan really doesn’t try to make the best of her appearance. Monthly spend £300
Lauren McGee (23) Fashion blogger and mum, Portrush Wore what? Jacket, £55, Topshop; top, £12, H&M; shoes, £40, Next; skirt, £26, bag, £20, River Island. Why? I wear a lot of black normally but I'm trying to inject a splash of colour — right now I'm loving neons. I don't like clothes that are too tight as that's never a good look. Who? Kourtney Kardashian looks great. She's the ultimate yummy mummy but I don't like Jessie J as she tries to combine too many looks in one go. Monthly spend £200
Paige Martin (21) Student, Nottingham Wore what? Jacket, £15, market; scarf, £20, Zara; dress, £14, George @ Asda; shoes, £20, New Look; bag, £35, fake Chanel. Why? I’m quite girly. I’m wearing a bit more colour at the moment since it is spring. I don’t think girls should show off too much flesh though. Who? I think Rita Ora has a really nice cool style that really suits her but Kim Kardashian is a bit much as everything she wears is too clingy. Monthly spend £50-100
Sarah Moore (22) Nurse, Belfast Wore what? Jacket, £40, necklace, £10, shoes, £20, New Look; top, £6, trousers, £29, Top Shop; bag, Mulberry, present. Why? I like to be colourful and spring-like despite the weather. I’m loving red jeans at the moment. I really don’t like tracksuit bottoms worn outside the home as they’re not dressy enough. Who? I’m loving Mila Kunis’ style. She looks amazing. Tulisa’s style is terrible. Monthly spend £100
Claire McCullough (25) Retail assistant, Ballymena Wore what? Jacket, £10, Primark; top, £6, George @ Asda; bag, £25, jeans, £15, shoes, £10, New Look. Why? I wear what I like but I do follow fashion and keep an eye on trends. I don't like things like fake Ugg boots though. Who? I think Cheryl Cole and Rihanna both stand out for me in the style stakes. Lady Gaga's look is just too crazy though. Monthly spend £50-100
Marilyn Patterson (47) Property manager, Hillsborough Wore what? Jacket, £175, Dietrich; shirt, £75, Lulu Blu; trousers, £30. Marks & Spencers; boots, £200, House of Fraser; bag, £750, Mulberry. Why? I like to have a smart style and I try to buy statement pieces that will last. I like bright colours. I wouldn’t really go in for short skirts. Who? Cheryl Cole has a really lovely style but I think Rihanna just looks tacky. Monthly spend £200
Avril Keyes (39) Housewife and blogger, Belfast Wore what? Dress, £60, Warehouse, necklace, £120, Stell & Dot; shoes, £50 Marks & Spencers; bag, £150, LK Bennett. Why? I like structured and body hugging dresses as they’re flattering along with heels. At home I go for boots and skinny jeans. I don’t like tracksuit bottoms, they should be kept for sport. Who? Jennifer Aniston is classic and stylish but I don’t like how Kelly Osbourne dresses. Monthly spend £50
Hilary Dobson (45) Solicitor, Banbridge Wore what? Dress, £50, Diamond Dolls; shoes, £40, Shoe Fair; bag, £150, Guess by Hustons. Why? I dress quite formally and understated for work so it’s nice to add colour when I go out. I think wedge heels make feet look clumpy. Who? I think Victoria Beckham has a beautiful style but someone who wears lots of neon like Nikki Minaj looks a disaster. Monthly spend £250
Patricia Daley (20) Student, Armagh Wore what? Dress, £30, Italian boutique; jacket, £10, shoes, £10, bag, £8, all from Primark. Why? I wear a lot of dresses and a lot of black although I tend to put a splash of colour with it. I don’t like dressing down in things like jeans and leggings. Who? Beyonce has a lovely girly style. I think Jessie J looks terrible in her flowery cat suits. Monthly spend £50
Martine Mullan (37) Administrator, Belfast Wore what? Jacket, £25, H&M; top, £35, Miss Selfridge; bag, £35, Dorothy Perkins; jeans, £15, George at Asda; shoes, £35, Debenhams. Why? I like to be quite co-ordinated. I tend to wear a lot of black with one strong accent colour. I don’t like purple though, and I never wear it. Who? I love Marilyn Monroe. Her style was so feminine and charismatic. Lady Gaga, though, is too outrageous for my taste. Monthly spend £100

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