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Northern Ireland nightlife: The Cloth Ear - January 2015

The Cloth Ear - Lisa Montgomery and Stephanie Kyle
The Cloth Ear - Lisa Montgomery and Stephanie Kyle
The Cloth Ear - Geraldine Hamill, Kelly Anne Flynn, Damien Flynn, Deborah Ward, Edward Ward and Clare Louise Flynn
The Cloth Ear - Edel Dooris and Neal Burns
The Cloth Ear - Emma Graham and Sharon Seawright
The Cloth Ear - Marie and Gerard McDonagh
The Cloth Ear Steve and Ali Castles
The Cloth Ear - Michael Brown and Karl Elliott
The Cloth Ear - Keira Murphy and Gary McCracken
The Cloth Ear - Liam McDonald, Joe Fraser, Paddy McLarnon and Jeff Mulgrew
The Cloth Ear - Penelope Graham, Sasha Graham and Carolyn McCafferty
The Cloth Ear -Terry Boyle, Katie Price and Anne Baker
The Cloth Ear - Ciaran McCarthy and Matt Quinn
The Cloth Ear - Herb McRoberts, Mark McRoberts and Andrew Cooke
The Cloth Ear - enjoying the crack are Pat Reynolds and Marty Mateer
The Cloth Ear - Jason and Cornelia Neugevauer
The Cloth Ear - Conor Magee, Andy Donachie, Dabe Smith, Eric Wallaby and Aidan Bennett
The Cloth Ear - Colm Dickey, Dee Monaghan and Michael McQuillan
The Cloth Ear pictured Rachel Erskine and Edel Lambon
The cloth ear pictured Lauren YOung and Bridgeen Blake
the cloth ear pictured Christopher Quinn, Rachel Quinn and Harry Hanley
The Cloth Ear pictured Damien Martin, John McCartan and Martin Molloy
The Cloth Ear pictured Joanne Bailie and Angelina McNally
The Cloth Ear pictured Heather Moore and Katie McDade
The Cloth Ear pictured Heather Moore, Katie McDade and Debbie Alger
The Cloth Ear pictured Nick Mancuso and Fred Aouad
The Cloth Ear pictured Leanne Jennings and Deirdre Mealley
The Cloth Ear pictured Michael Doak, Brian McGreane and Charlie Sweeney
The Cloth Ear pictured Michael Reid, Toby Kennedy and Hannah Martin
The Cloth Ear pictured Dermot and Loretta McCrory
The Cloth Ear pictured Louise McFettridge, Joanne McKendire, Joyce Lynne Kealy, Ronan Kealy and Richard McFettridge
The Cloth Ear pictured Shauna mcMahon and Joyce McMahon
The Cloth Ear pictured Louis Ferris and Michael Campbell
Cloth ear pictured Clare Sebory and Claire Robinson
Cloth ear pictured Vicki Miller, MArk Porter and Stepehn Kennedy JR
Cloth ear pictured Rosa McElvaney and Frances McVeigh
Cloth ear pictured Richard Dowie and Chris Cooper
Cloth ear pictured Brendan and MArtina Folan
Cloth ear pictured Ben Haskins, Clint Hamilton, Vicky Magill and Pamela Haskins
Cloth ear pictured Connor Kelly, Sean ODoyle, Aidene Mullan and Breanainn Mullan
Cloth ear pictured Stuart Cannom and Richard Robinson
Cloth ear pictured Claire McMinn and ELoise Hawe
Cloth ear pictured Joanne Love and Brona O'Donnell
Cloth ear pictured Mary Breen, CAroline MCDonald and Paula Love
Cloth ear pictured Fegal Boyle. Barry Magennis and Andrew Boswell
Cloth ear pictured Ashleigh Black and Cameron Black

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