Thursday 2 October 2014

Ten Best Sex Manuals

The New Joy of Sex, by Alex Comfort and Susan Quilliam - Octopus Publishing Group, £18.99 A bestseller since its controversial publication in 1972, The Joy of Sex has shifted more than 8 million copies worldwide. Dr Alex Comfort's original version is now largely dismissed as dated and biased, having been composed entirely by a man who refers regularly to "free love". It has been updated by Susan Quilliam, a female psychologist, and with all-new imagery, there's not a dodgy beard in sight.
Sex: How To Do Everything, by Em and Lo (author), Rankin (photographer) - Dorling Kindersley, £18.99 Published in May this year, Sex: How to Do Everything would make a controversial coffee-table read. With clearly-shot imagery from fashion photographer Rankin, this glossy guide is educational and very graphic indeed. Good for avoiding confused interpretation, the book includes wry commentary from US "sexperts" Em and Lo.
The Complete Kama Sutra: The first unabridged modern translation of the classic Indian text, by Alain Daniélou (Translator) - £14.99 An important text on sexual behaviour, this is less a manual than a discourse on the pursuit of pleasure. This translation, by noted Indiologist Alain Danielou, provides a fluent and literal rendering of the entire Sanskrit original, with extracts from the 12th-century commentary by Yashodara and the commentary by Devadatta Shastri.

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