Tuesday 16 September 2014

Ten Best Sex Toys

Danni Satin & Pearl Wrist Tie Cuffs - £15
If you don't find the idea of being tied up with metal handcuffs arresting, try a less menacing restraining device. This cream ribbon can also be used as a set of individual wrist cuffs, with a range of matching accessories, including a peek-a-boo bra.
Satin Honeymoon Heart Shaped Spanker - £20
The "erotic practice" of spanking was commonly seen in Victorian pornography and is still widely considered taboo. If you're curious but feel a little unnerved by the prospect of a traditional paddle or whip, opt for this much gentler version.
Liberator - £104.99
Essentially a tarted-up stack of cushions, the liberator is a foam-core block that unfolds into a shape that's designed to facilitate a range of sexual positions. It has a removable casing for easy cleaning, and could be used as a foot stool at quieter points during the evening.

Are you feeling adventurous? Looking for a new plaything for the bedroom? If so, there are plenty of choices to set your libido racing

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