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Wednesday 1 June 2016

Door to Door Leaflet Distribution Throughout Northern Ireland

With the Belfast Telegraph Leaflet Distribution service

Get your message straight into the hands of your customers with a door to door leaflet distribution campaign

Door to Door takes your brand, product, service or communications message directly to people’s homes – the place where so many important family, professional and purchasing decisions are made.

We can plan, target and map your leaflets and your business message to ensure less wastage to a specifically targeted audience.

You know who your customers and we can reach them by:

  • Postcode and Sector
  • Drivetime analyses from your business
  • Circle Radius from your business or where you work
  • Demographic – we use Mosaic profiling to target the kind of customers you are after

We have been delivering leaflets for nearly 30 years and offer a full before and after care service on all distributions.

We can deliver flyers, leaflets, vouchers, brochures, menus, coupons, samples, CD’s anything that fits through a Letter-box.

For more information contact Mark or Fiona on 028 9026 4338

Or email

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