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Wednesday 23 April 2014

Titanic: Did psychic cat foretell disaster?

The Thermos flask used to feed Titanic survivor baby, Barbara Dainton-West

Ship's cats were common on board great liners in the period, partly to keep down any vermin.

The Titanic apparently had her own feline mascot, a ship’s cat that stewardess Violet Jessop said was called Jenny. While the ship was being loaded at Southampton, Jenny presented her keepers with a litter of kittens. Versions of the fate of this new family vary.

According to one, they died when the Titanic went down. According to another report, when the ship docked at Southampton, Jenny calmly transported her kittens off the doomed ship, one by one, and left for a new life.

An Irish crewman who had been assigned to look after the cats took that as a bad omen and also left, claiming the cats had saved his life.

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