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Sunday 20 April 2014

Titanic: The board game that sank without a trace

Titanic leaving Belfast. Photograph © National Museums Northern Ireland. Collection Harland & Wolff, Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

Inevitably, it seems, a board game was produced in 1975 called The Sinking of The Titanic.

The rules were brutally simple: "The Titanic is sinking. Players must race around and rescue passengers from their staterooms and rush to the lifeboats before the ship sinks.

“After the ship sinks, you must get enough of (sic) food and water by visiting islands and/or drawing cards to stay alive until the rescue boat appears and the first one to make it there wins the game."

Best, it emphasised, played with four players. Also inevitably, the game caused offence, mainly because of the use of the name Titanic.

The makers, Ideal, withdrew the game, and then rereleased it with identical graphics and artwork under the name Abandon Ship.

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