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Friday 18 April 2014

Titanic's last diner features in new art exhibition

Survivors of the Titanic disaster are greeted by their relatives upon their safe return to Southampton.

The last diner to eat aboard the sinking Titanic is depicted in a painting included among an new collection which also features some of the first paintings of Belfast’s iconic new building in the ship’s honour.

The paintings, among an array being showed at the Emer Gallery feature the work of some of Ireland’s leading artists including Una O’Grady, Neil Shawcross, John McAtamney and a feast of other notable names.

The Titanic Town exhibition is the first to show new works especially commissioned to mark the ship and the town in which it was built as well as those who worked on it and passengers who travelled the luxury steamliner.

Gallery Manager Eimear Flanagan told the News Letter the work “reflects the industrial heritage of the city: who others, like Clodagh Murphy’s haunting painting, The Last Diner, “serves as a reminder of the human tragedy of the sinking of the ship”.

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