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1D stylist: They’re my Spice Boys

One Direction’s stylist Caroline Watson says she wanted the boyband to be the “male equivalent to the Spice Girls”.

The boyband have become known for their individual sense of style over the past few years.

And the group’s long-term stylist Caroline Watson has opened up about dressing the boys – Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne.

“I taught them so much that now they'll call me and be like, ‘I went into Gucci the other day,’ or ‘I went into APC the other day and saw this,’ ” Caroline told The Muse.

“[Harry] loves Saint Laurent, Zayn loves APC. They love Sandro, they love Kooples.”

But when it comes to style inspiration for the five-piece band, Caroline opted for an unusual choice. In fact, she decided to look back on the ensembles worn by The Spice Girls to help her mould 1D into the band they are today.

“I wanted them to be like the male equivalent to the Spice Girls,” she said.

“When I say ‘the Spice Girls’ I mean being in a group but having an identity. Everyone wore different things and no two girls looked the same. I wanted to create that with the boys.”

Caroline has been with the boys since they were first hit the scene after being created on hit UK TV show The X Factor.

And when it comes to identifying the group as their own individual ‘Spice Boys’, Caroline knows which way she would do it.

“Niall was always going to be my sporty boy; Zayn was always the cool, mysterious one that was quite street but could be quite high fashion at the same time; Harry was bowties, blazers, that guy that you want to bring home to your mum; Liam was the boy next door,” she said. “I mean, now, Liam's transitioned and completely grown into this whole new, sexy guy.

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