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5 Seconds of Summer talk habits

Australian pop rock group 5 Seconds of Summer have spilled the beans on each other’s habits.

The Australian group is made up of Michael and his bandmates Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood. They rose to fame worldwide after supporting Britain’s One Direction during their Take Me Home Tour last year.

Speaking to Kerrang! magazine about what they get up to in their spare time, Ashton revealed fellow rocker Michael spends a lot of time on his appearance.

“Michael lives off baked beans, and he won’t eat Weetabix [cereal] that aren’t warmed up – he thinks they taste better,” Ashton mused. “He also sets aside entire days to colour his hair.”

He went on to reveal secrets about lead vocalist and guitarist Luke. It appears the blonde hunk hogs the bathroom and leaves a trail when getting ready every day.

“Luke is a very messy shower-taker and frustrating to live with,” Ashton sighed.

Michael chimed in, adding an extra bit of embarrassing information.

“[Luke] also steals underwear. He comes into our rooms and takes it when we’re not there,” he laughed.

The group have previously joked about their love of the savoury spread Vegemite, which is similar in taste to Marmite.

When asked by Coup De Main magazine if the brown goo is their kryptonite, referencing Superman, they were quick to defend their favourite food

“No, that's definitely false. Vegemite is a loved thing in 5SOS,” Luke quipped.

Michael added that they can’t go anywhere without the nutritious spread.

“Yeah, we have a tub of Vegemite always. We actually have it on our rider now for all our shows! There's always Vegemite around. I don't know how they get it here 'cuz they don't have it in the UK,” he said.

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