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50 Cent: Kanye's a niche designer

50 Cent would like to create clothes for a niche market and is looking to work with someone who may need financial support.

The American rapper has spoken before about Kanye’s dedication to the high-end world of fashion, and expressed that making it as a designer is a process and not something that just happens.

50, real name Curtis Jackson, further points out that those who are top of the style game have worked hard for it.

"[The high-end fashion designers] have been passionate about [fashion] for a very long time and worked to get to where they are and are not so prone to just letting people come in and just turning into a big deal,” 50 Cent told

"Well, I think it’s niche," he added of Kim and Kanye’s involvement in fashion.

While the 39-year-old has branched out from the music industry with acting projects, he took the lead role in 2005’s Get Rich or Die Tryin', 50 isn’t against trying his hand at fashion again.

He teamed up with Marc Ecko in 2003 and launched G Unit, but now owns it independently. If he were to launch another brand, the singer would consider something like Kanye has done.

"Maybe I’ll go back into something that’s a little more niche and not so mass for the clothing," he explained. "I think it’s interesting when you make wild choices and I have people who are supportive because they are actually into those ideas, instead of with trend cool."

And any perspective business partners looking for a financial boost could be in luck.

“I would just work with someone. I’d get the person who does not have the opportunity or the financial support around at that point and that has been in that [niche] club and consistent [in design] for a long period of time,” he added.

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