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90210 star is edgy dresser

90210's Gillian Zinser always adds her "own edge" to her outfits.

The actress portrays Ivy Sullivan in the teen show and the character's laid-back style has won Gillian a lot of fans.

In real life, she dresses in a similar way to Ivy.

"When I go out at night it's usually for business so you're there as some form of doll and have to dress up and have your hair and make-up done accordingly. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable as I'm still a tomboy, so when I have to throw on a dress and heels I try to clash it with something that holds on to a bit of me," she told Company magazine.

"No matter how high the stiletto or tight the dress I'm being told to wear, I add my own edge."

Gillian is often asked whose style she most admires. She doesn't look at fashion that way because she prefers to be an individual.

"No two people are alike so trying to mimic somebody else's style never seems right to me," she said. "I'm sad to say that I don't follow catwalk trends. I'm not as in the know as I'd like to consider myself. I'm totally out of tune but I feel more comfortable there."

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