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A$AP Rocky: I don’t need a stylist

A$AP Rocky doesn’t think anyone needs to splash out huge wads of cash in order to impress with their wardrobe.

The 26-year-old Fashion Killa rapper debuted his own line of clothing called ASAP in 2013.

And Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, prefers to find new items for his wardrobe himself, without the aid of a stylist.

“I like just shopping for myself,” he shared while searching for clothes at Maxfield in Los Angeles during a video clip Complex magazine posted online on Monday. “In the midst of shopping, I stumble upon some cool brands. I’ll go to thrift stores. I’ll go to eBay. It makes me happy like music does.”

A$AP Rocky shot to fame after his mixtape Live. Love. ASAP was released in 2011.

Before then the star experienced a lot of hard times on the streets of Harlem, New York City.

And Rocky has some advice for consumers with a low budget who are looking to add some wonderful pieces to their wardrobe.

The hip hopper thinks his style was more impressive when he was broke and that spending heaps of money doesn’t necessarily make one stylish.

“[People] think if you paid a lot of money for it then it’s good,” Rocky noted in the footage. “That’s not true.”

Rocky has previously complained about other rappers attempting to be too trendy.

“I’m tired of all these rappers wearing Givenchy,” he told MTV News in the past. “Now, I can’t enjoy Givenchy anymore. They don’t even know what any of it stands for. They don’t even know why they’re wearing it. The only reason why they’re wearing it is because it costs money and they saw other rappers such as myself and Kanye [West] and sh*t like that. Now [I] don’t even wanna wear Givenchy anymore because they spoiled it.”

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