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A$AP Rocky: I'm so handsome

A$AP Rocky thinks his unique looks are what make him so special.

The US rapper lives up to the image of a hip-hop star; including having diamonds installed into his back teeth.

While he only rates himself seven out of ten on the fame scale, A$AP thinks he fares better in the looks department.

"I think I’m very handsome. I do! It’s a problem because I’m too conceited. We don’t need the whole world to be full of themselves but it works for me. No one else looks like this. That’s what makes me so special," he boasted to British Esquire magazine.

The 26-year-old puts his slim physique down to lots of bedroom activity, claiming he's too busy to work out.

He's often spotted in baggy, causal outfits, but can scrub up well when the mood takes. A$AP was even voted one of GQ's 20 Most Stylish Men Alive this year, joining the likes of Harry Styles, Jared Leto and Pharrell Williams.

"The only thing that’s exquisite about my taste is my fashion sense. Other than that I’m a piece of sh*t," he laughed.

Aside from the diamonds in his teeth, A$AP has very little time for jewels. Unlike other hip-hop stars, who like to drape themselves in expensive jewellery, the Grammy-nominee keeps it minimal on the accessories front.

"Rappers are supposed to have two earrings. I only have one. I’m not big on jewellery," he divulged.

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