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Adam Driver: I look odd

Adam Driver is aware that he looks odd but it doesn’t bother him.

The actor plays the love interest of Lena Dunham’s character Hannah in the hit show Girls.

And while his character, also called Adam, spends a large amount of time on screen with his top off Adam admits he doesn’t care too much about how he looks.

“I look the way I look. As you get older, you don’t care that much. I am who I am,” Adam said to British magazine Stylist.

“I know I look odd. I never think I look cool!” he added with a laugh.

Before getting into acting Adam trained to be a Marine when he was 18.

And now he credits his time in the military with why he takes comments about his looks in his stride.

“The military had something to do with that [not caring so much about looks], because you get torn down so much, you grow thick skin,” he explained.

“Because of what I do the way I look is on the forefront, but you can either let it limit you and go down the rabbit hole of, ‘Oh God, why don’t I look like that?’ or use it to fuel you, like ‘What’s wrong with being different?’” he mused.

The 30-year-old also admitted that he doesn’t like to watch himself on the show and tries not to think too much about the graphic-ness of some of his scenes.

As long as he plays a scene with as much truth as possible, he’s happy.

“There may be something weird in my wiring, but I think it’s important not to take on how things are coming across, because I don’t think that’s my job,” he explained.

“Like sex scenes; I have a problem with sex scenes that are arbitrarily in there, sex for sex’s sake, but if it moves the story forward, like I feel it does in Girls, then there’s nothing to be modest about. I just try to make it as truthful as possible.”

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