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Adam Levine: My scent is high fashion

Adam Levine creates scents in a similar way to "what Tom Ford would do".

The Maroon 5 frontman's goal with his self-titled male and female fragrances is to wow the fashion and beauty world.

Adam set a benchmark for his ambitious aim, which was to create something that rivals the crème de la crème of designer scents available on the market today.

"I wanted to do something understated and elegant - something that people I revere in that world, like Tom Ford, would do, and something I'd be attracted to. I like basic fragrances," Adam told WWD. "I didn't want to smell like a department store. And there's an intimacy level that you have to think about. You don't really want someone to smell you unless they're really close to you."

The Voice coach has previously slated celebrity-endorsed fragrances and slammed stars who sell out by attaching their names to a brand. The 33-year-old explained that this is the reason why he has been closely involved in the creation of the upcoming launches.

"I didn't want it to be another bulls**t celebrity fragrance that I was hocking, that I didn't believe in," Adam continued. "At the end of the day, I can definitely say I wanted to change the perception of that. On paper, I'm not a fan of the [genre], but I got excited having conversations with ID Perfumes [his fragrance licensee]."

The women's scent is said to be striking and obscure, including floral woody notes, spice, Indian jasmine petals, Australian sandalwood and rose petals, with a drydown of creamy vanilla contrast.

Adam has been careful to devise a master brand which is appealing to both male and female fans.

"We had to come to terms with the reality that we have a very big female fan base," he said. "If you're thinking with your business hat on, you have to think that a lot of the people who are initially checking this out are probably women. But at the same time, as a man, I wanted to create something that I would feel comfortable wearing."

Adam's scent is currently available at US store Macy's and online with a wider launch scheduled for later this year.

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