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Adele 'doesn't fit the fashion mould'

Adele may not "fit the [fashion] mould" but her talent surpasses everything else, says designer Barbara Tfank.

The fashion expert hit back at Karl Lagerfeld's recent comment that the soul sensation is "a little too fat".

Tfank thinks Adele is a great role model for women and has paved the way for curvy girls everywhere.

"Is that some sick way of getting her to wear his clothes? It's so insulting," she said of Lagerfeld's comments. "Adele speaks to a whole generation of young women that might not have a size two body. She doesn't fit the mould of 'you have to be this and you should be that - and if you aren't, you're not good'. It's all about her talent. That supersedes everything."

Tfank has dressed the singer since she was a teen and explained what she wanted to achieve with the designs she chose for her.

"She was 19 when I met her, and I did her first Grammy dress. I love her, and being involved in helping a young person develop their style so that, in 20 years, they look back on their pictures and aren't embarrassed: it's about looking timeless and beautiful," she mused.

The designer also spoke about dressing America's First Lady Michelle Obama.

While Tfank didn't give away too much about her famous client, she explained what look she aims to achieve when dressing the star.

"She's not studied, contrived, or figured out. She's a real human being," the designer told British newspaper The Telegraph.

"I'm after timeless elegance, full-on glamour in a tasteful way, in beautiful fabrics that don't fall apart after you've dry-cleaned them five times. That's a big issue for people, and they resent it - and I resent it, too. God knows, though - how you dry clean Swarovski?"


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