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Adele loves customised clothes

Adele likes having clothes made for her as her thighs are usually too big for store-bought jeans.

The British singer always wears black, but that doesn't mean she's uninterested in fashion. She actually loves looking at collections by designers and says one of the best things about her job is the clothes she now has access to.

"I love H&M, Topshop and Office," she said. "Now I'm having clothes made for me, which is nice because my thighs and too big for jeans and the legs are either too long or too short."

Adele has a full figure but has never even considered slimming down. She's completely happy with the way she looks and insists her weight has never been an issue.

She isn't averse to dieting, she just doesn't feel she needs to at the moment.

"Until I'm unhappy with my body I don't really care what some 50-year-old jealous, bitter failed musician or little spotted geek thinks," she told Look magazine.

"If I'd never had a boyfriend because I was overweight, then obviously I would lose some weight but all the things I want I get, so I don't care. Also, I refuse to change just because I'm in the public eye. No woman is perfect. And all the boys I go for like a bit of meat, so I'm fine."

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