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Agron: I want my daughter to wear my dresses

Dianna Agron has kept boxes of her favourite clothes just in case she “has a daughter one day”.

The 28-year-old actress has attended a host of red carpet events during her years in the spotlight.

And Dianna has revealed in a new interview that she has kept hold of her most stunning ensembles to pass on if she has a little girl.

“I have too many boxes of clothes in my attic that I’m keeping just in case I have a daughter one day,” she told Britain’s Evening Standard newspaper. “There’s a green Carolina Herrera dress that I wore to my first Met Ball, a black leather lace-up Gucci top and another Herrera dress with mushrooms on it that looks like it’s straight out of Alice in Wonderland.”

Dianna shot to fame playing Quinn Fabray in hit US TV show Glee. But she admits it was another character she took inspiration from as a youngster – Audrey Hepburn’s Sabrina.

“When I was eight I watched the film Sabrina and felt like the gangly, awkward girl that Audrey Hepburn plays at the beginning,” she said. “Then, when she comes back from Paris and wears a beautiful black and white Givenchy dress, I thought that one day I might be able to wear something similar. Every time I dress up for a big event there’s a little girl in me screaming, ‘You did it!’ ”

While Dianna is not scared about experimenting with different looks, there is one style that didn’t quite work for her.

Dianna told the newspaper that when she tried to embrace her inner rebel, it was less than a success.

“When I was at high school in San Francisco I looked completely different from my cheerleader character in Glee,” she said. “I went through a rebellious punk stage in fishnets, acid-washed jeans and huge Skechers boots. I also dyed my hair red twice and both times it went orange.”

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