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Aidan Turner: Why I have to be in shape

Aidan Turner finds it "strange" that women swoon over his muscles.

The 31-year-old star raised his profile after starring as Kili in The Hobbit franchise, for which he had to train extensively.

His new role in British TV series Poldark as the title character Ross Poldark also sees him showing off a toned physique, as Aidan thought it was vital to make the character authentic.

“I just didn’t see Poldark having a beer belly or being out of shape, given his lifestyle,” he Britain's The Sunday Times Magazine.

His muscles haven't gone unnoticed as he has shown them off in a variety of photoshoots already, with one picture showing him wearing a leather jacket unzipped to unveil his hairy chest.

Aidan's hot bod has caused women around the globe to swoon, but the actor - who has been with actress Sarah Greene for around four years - admits he'd happily fatten up for a job.

“In my next role, I want to grow a beard and put on loads of weight," he grinned.

"It’s fine [being objectified]. I don’t think about it. It’s strange, I mean, would it be the same if it was a female lead role and she had a bikini scene on the beach?

“Would the papers show it the same way? Would the audiences feel the same? It’s all light-hearted and kind, but would it be the same?"

It didn't take long for Aidan to shed his torso, as he recently admitted that he's not so toned anymore. Now back to his "soft self", he struggles to get his head around how he was able to bulk up so much.

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