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Alana Haim fell for nail prank

Alana Haim says it would be a "dream" to be a nail artist.

The 22-year-old singer is one part of the band Haim, where she's joined by her sisters Este and Danielle and drummer Dash Hutton. In a previous interview Alana revealed she would have been a nail artist if she hadn't got into music and she often ponders on the idea.

"Oh my god. That would be my f**king dream. But I’ve thought about it and what would it even be? The world is my oyster. A lot has been done. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to reinvent the wheel," she mused to "There was an April Fool’s thing that I totally fell for which was this kit were you could grow grass on your nails. I searched for hours trying to figure out how to grow grass on your nails and then I realised that it was a joke - but it was a great one."

Along with their catchy tunes the siblings are also known for their quirky style. When asked if they have any design aspirations, Este recalled her approach to fashion as a teenager.

"I think you got to stick to what you know. When I was in high school, I used to take muu muus and put them upside down and make them into skirts and I feel like just that means maybe I shouldn’t be a designer," she laughed. "I don’t think I have the eye for it. But we like playing with clothes and picking things out for each other."

The girls recently helped unveil Nike's new US World Cup kit, which features a top coloured red, white and blue to give a patriotic feel. Being soccer fans themselves they were thrilled to be involved with the campaign.

"We did the cover of the record on our soccer field. We’d set up a goal, and it’d be three against one but my dad always won," Este recalled. "But yeah, we mentioned to a friend who knew someone at Nike that we love soccer and it was kind of word of mouth. They asked us to do it and of course we were like, 'Duh.'"

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