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Alanis Morissette: Hippie-eco is my thing

Alanis Morissette keeps a Laura Urbinati bikini in her bag “at all times”.

Alanis Morissette never leaves her home without eco-friendly items because she feels “nurturing your soul” is important while on the go.

The 41-year-old You Oughta Know singer practices Buddhism, meditation and she has spoken in the past about her commitment to personal development through alternative self-help methods.

Alanis loves her self-proscribed “hippie-eco girl” perspective on life and the “magical treasures” she carries along on a daily basis reflects her outlook.

“Right now I’m carrying A Little Book of Sensual Comfort by Jennifer Louden,” she told Us Weekly magazine. “It’s about nurturing your soul.”

Alanis is mother to four-year-old son Ever, who she shares with husband Mario ‘Souleye’ Treadway and family members influence what she decides to put in her bag before leaving the house.

“I’ve got a bag of arugula for my son, and GoodBites’ raw chocolate truffle balls for me,” she explained. “I assuage my guilt by saying, ‘They’re healthy!’

“I never leave home without my hydrating mist. It’s made by the Hungarian skincare line Eminence. My mum is Hungarian, so I feel like I’m being loyal to her.”

Alanis prefers to look her best in every situation and she is very rarely caught outside without practical items.

She is usually prepared to hop into a body of water spontaneously and conduct an interview at any given moment.

“I have a Laura Urbinati bikini with me at all times,” she detailed. “You never know when you’ll be near a pool or an ocean — or if I’m up north, up a creek!

“I bring dental floss for those moments after lunch when I’m about to do an interview. I can’t have broccoli in my teeth!”

Alanis finds most of her beauty products via picture-sharing app Instagram.

She enjoys purchasing items from independent, organic retailers.

“I found almost everything in [my bag] from following small stores [on Instagram],” Alanis said.

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