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Alba rocked crop tops

Jessica Alba loves wearing revealing crop tops, but would never let her kids out looking like "working girls".

The Honey actress is known for her toned physique and isn't afraid to show it off in skin-tight clothing.

One particular trend has caught her eye this season - and it reminds her of past wild-child days.

"Oh, I'm into crop tops. But, I'm not into full-baring. I've done that; that was the No Doubt style back in the day when we did the full midriff," she laughed to Refinery 29.

"My grandmother was constantly pulling my Pepe Jeans up and my shirt down. And, then I would get vintage baby tees - remember baby tees? - when raves started. I went to raves, don't worry about it. I'm actually into the way the platform tennis shoe has evolved, the way Isabel Marant made it; I think it's cute in that chunky way."

Jessica is more than just a style icon - she's also a mother to girls Haven and Honor, who she has with her husband Cash Warren.

When it comes to her children's style, she's very careful not to pick items that are too grown up.

"I feel like so much of what's out there for kids is so tacky. I feel like I'm editing or eliminating more than anything, because a lot of it is just crazy," she sighed.

"They try to make your children look like working girls sometimes. I just think, 'Are you kidding me?' My husband is always saying, 'That is a shirt, that is not a skirt,' and I just don't know what to say. So, we put leggings with everything, and we taught our daughter how to compose herself, like walk and sit in dresses and skirts.

"So, age-appropriate is a big thing. And, at my kid's school, they have this rule that there's no sandals and no boots, only sneakers. I'm into sneakers, I love sneakers, but I'm a little upset that she can't wear her Docs."

While Jessica might be aware of the latest trends, Cash has yet to catch up.

There's only one person who can persuade the star to step up his style game.

"I've been trying! I got him into the more tapered leg, it took about four years. But, he feels comfortable in it now. I think, when Jay Z embraces something then Cash thinks it has to be alright, since he's kind of the ultimate icon," Jessica laughed.

"I've been trying to get him to wear boots, but he's such a sneaker or a loafer guy, and the loafers are fine, but he might need to break into another zone. So, this will be our third season where I'm trying to get him to wear a boot. Let's see what happens."

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